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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christie's Catalogs - $ 29.99 a set!

So you want a set of Christis's Star Trek auction catalogs?  They are now $ 29.99 on Amazon (plus shipping).

Go here:


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our friend Anthony Sforza makes it onto Cnet!

Our good friend and fellow IAW veteran Anthony Sforza gets the attention his amazing collection deserves in this video!

And you can read the article on Cnet here:


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

15 Star Trek Props Hitting the Market

The original Memorabilia Company in England has 15 props for sale.  The items are choice, but the prices high.

From The Original prop Company:

This collection of 15 props includes a wide range of items, from Scottys torch for £1,295.00 to a 30 year old Starfleet phaser from Star trek II ‘The Wrath of Khan’ and a number of fabulous items made by the specialist Star Trek prop maker Richard Coyle, of RAC Props ( including a very special Klingon pump-action beaked nose disruptor. A solid very heavy piece made of cast resin with a sliding black pump and painted in the familiar Klingon rust, metallic silver and black colour scheme with distressed finish.   This wonderful piece was screen used in Star Trek VI and has also been matched to an original 1989 photograph on RAC Props website gallery showing the identical piece. Providing the ultimate authenticity for any Star Trek collector and will be sold for £4,495.00 Richard Coyle has also confirmed in writing that he made this special pistol along with other items that will be going up for sale including a still working Klingon Tricorder made for Star Trek V & VI and a fabulous Starfleet Assault Phaser ‘Hero Version’ used in Star trek V & VI priced at £3,495.00. For the smaller budget original Paramount parking passes can be bought for £100.

All the items in this collection were originally obtained from a named Star Trek prop master with written provenance held on our files. Each item comes with full details within the Certificate of Authenticity.

To confirm, the items being listed will go on sale at a stated and fixed price. There shall not be an auction process. However we expect the props due to their rarity to attract widespread interest amongst the Star Trek community and beyond.

Check out their website here:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Star Trek Themed House Selling for $ 35 Million

This may well be the best Trekkie themed house we have seen.  

"Internet mogul Marc Bell, former CEO of the adult networking site FriendFinder, has put his 27,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom, 16-bathroom Florida home on the market, with one very special feature: an unbelievable entertainment area that includes a Starship Enterprise bridge-turned-movie-theater, a massive '80s-style arcade and a Call of Duty-decorated gaming room."

The Tuscan style estate has eight bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and a nine-car garage with car lifts.

Read more and see the entire photo gallery here.

And cough up $ 35 million if you want it!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Tash Yar "Yesterday's Enterprise" Costume

Angelo Cifaldi recently added a top notch costume to his collection, the Tasha Yar Yesterday's Enterprise costume.  Here is what Angelo had to say about it:

I got it from John Nichols in August of 2013. I started collecting costumes and props at the Christies Auction in Oct 2006 and continued through Its a Warp on eBay and thereafter to the present. My focus was and is the TNG TV series and the TNG movies. My goal from the beginning was to get costumes and props from every major weekly crew member and major characters from the movies and TV Series. I also wanted items from my favorite TV episodes and my favorite guest characters. Since there were so few Tasha Yar costumes and due to the fact that I focused first on the characters that appeared in all the seasons of TNG or many seasons Tasha Yar only became a focus after I achieved my initial goals. Thus, for about 4 years I have been looking for a Yar. Since John knew my want list he  contacted me when he was looking to sell the costume as he refined his collection. With the addition of Tasha Yar the only other major recurring character I am missing is Miles O'Brien.

Tasha Yar's Alternate Timeline Uniform

Worn by Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar in the iconic Star Trek: TNG season three episode #163 “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” which aired the week of February 19, 1990.  

The Episode:

While on a routine mission, the Enterprise-D discovers a bizarre rift in space, which reveals an unidentified vessel which is revealed to be the Enterprise-C.  Both ships are now on an alternate time line, with Tasha Yar alive, where the Federation is in the midst of a bloody war with the Klingons.  

The Costume:

The modified third season style Starfleet jumpsuit uniform is gold and black with an altered collar and black cuffs with gold piping.  The belt is reflective silver colored vinyl with black vinyl trim with two molded resin gold metallic Starfleet emblem badges.  Replica com badge and rank pips complete the costume. The TNG wardrobe tag reads: “Ep 163 ...Tasha  Denise Crosby  1 military style Starfleet uniform. gold & blk.”  Christie’s 40 Years of Star Trek, Lot 636, Friday, October 6, 2006.

A fine costume from one of TNG's best episodes.  Angelo scored!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kevin Hanson & HMS - Prop Fraud

This is about the FRAUD committed by Kevin Hanson, who runs The Trek Prop Zone  and Michael Moore of  HMS.  Together they have committed fraud and passed off fake props as real ones.  And, when confronted with proof, have avoided owning up to it, proving their intent to defraud.


I was sold two replica props as screen used by Kevin Hanson.  He got them from Michael Moore at HMS.  I have not only Ironclad proof that they are fake, but caught Michael Moore in a lie about where he got them from.

Kevin has refused to refund my money.  While I had no made any claims that he intentionally sold me these as fakes, his refusal to refund my money, and his insistence of playing games and defend Mike Moore in spite of the facts has changed my mind.

Most importantly, Michael Moore continues to sell props claiming they are screen used and authenticating props.  Now that he has been caught passing off replicas as real, every transaction he is party to is suspicious.  This is a huge deal for this hobby and you need to be aware of this.


Kevin sold me two Enterprise pistols, a Phase Pistol and an EM 33.   They turned out to be fake (ironclad proof).  Kevin bought them from Michael Moore, of HMS props who claimed they were real and he got them from the propmaster on Enterprise.  Not only are the items not from ISS, the only maker of these Enterprise props, (the Phase Pistol is an HMS replica), but I spoke to the prop master, Craig Binkley at length and he NEVER gave anything to Mike Moore.

Kevin Hanson has refused to ackownledge evidence that just about everyone who knows Star Trek props agrees is ironclad.  Thus I will be taking Kevin to small claims court.



According to Craig Binkley, the prop master for Enterprise:

  1. ISS was the ONLY vendor for the Phase Pistol and EM33.  In fact ISS did 99% of the props.
  1. Craig NEVER gave Mike Moore any props.

This Phase Pistol is a recast clearly and has aspects that closely match the kit, (produced by HMS).  The tells are numerous and the evidence is undeniable.


The most obvious tell is the pour spout (or air vent) on the inside of the Phase Pistol.  This was NOT done in the original mold created to produce the screen used props at ISS. However this same pour spout (or air vent) can be seen on the kit (produced by HMS). This is a clear tell that the prop in question did not come form the original ISS production molds. ISS (P9) vs Kevin recast (P10), which is identical to (P11) 

P10 Kevin Recast

The obvious drooping line in the mid section is also something that matches none of the screen used props but does match the kit (produced By HMS). ISS (P1) (P2) (P3) (P4), VS Kevin recast (P5) (P6) (P7) (P8), which is identical to kit (P30) (P31).



P5 Kevin Recast
P6 Kevin Recast
P7 Kevin Recast

P8 Kevin Recast
The Phase Pistol is painted the wrong colors (P12) which is identical to kit (P30), (P31).  These are the colors recommended in the Phase Pistol kit instructions (P32).  These are NOT the colors that ISS painted the Phase Pistols and which were used on the show. See screen used prop (P20).

P12 Kevin Recast

P20 Screen Used Phase Pistol

P32 Phase Pistol Instructions

The round portion on the bottom of the Phase pistol is painted a different color. This is wrong.  On screen used pieces it is the same as the body (P20).  This piece being painted the highlight color was also done for the kits (produced by HMS). (P30) (P31) and is noted in Phase Pistol kit instructions (P32).

Also visible on the HMS site:


HMS of course made the kit.

There are other facts showing it is a mere recast:

The Phase Pistol is shorter due to it being recast from an ISS version (P13) (P14).

The Phase Pistol is cast in grey resin.  The ISS Phase Pistols were cast in a white resin (P9) (P10).

The nozzle is a separate piece as on the kit.  On the ISS non-hero version it is part of the main body of the gun.

1/16th inch thick acrylic was used by ISS for the inserts.  This gun uses 1/8th inch thick acrylic.

The vents where the acrylic goes are too wide.  They are much narrower on the ISS version.

Tape was used in the recasting to cover holes on the inside of the cowl.  This happens when recasting.  The tape is clearly seen visible having now left its impression in the casting. (P15)



The only other place that used these colors, painted the bottom piece dark rather than light, made the drooping inset line, and had a pour spout inside the main body is on the HMS Phase Pistol Kit made for  This is a HMS replica, similar to a HMS kit and there is no way to deny that.

EM 33

This is not an ISS version.  No other vendor created these.  This is a replica.


Craig Binkley, the prop master has said that he never gave Michael Moore any props as Moore claims.

The Phase Pistol is an HMS replica.  It was not in existence when Michael Moore claimed he was given it by the prop Master.

The EM 33 is clearly a replica as well.  And based on Mike's claims of the Phase Pistol, his claims on the EM 33 are not credible.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Star Trek II TWOK Ceti Eel Concept Art

At the last Profiles in History auction, lot # 682 was a set of Ceti Eel Concept Art.  It was an interesting collection and worth a look.

The Ceti Eel on screen

 The patent drawings for the Ceti Eel.  Yes!  They are patented!

Lot # 682

Archive of Ken Ralston “Ceti Eel” concept sketches and related production materials from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Paramount, 1982) 

A comprehensive 22-piece collection of concept art and correspondence related to the “Ceti Eel” from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, including: a series of (15) Ken Ralston (5 time Academy Award-winner for visual FX) full color concept sketches in artist pen and ink on 6 x 14 in. paper for a variety of “Ceti Eels” (1) typed letter signed by Ken Ralston, on Lucasfilm stationery, accompanied by (2) hand-drawn illustrations of the “Ceti Eel” practical effect mechanics. (1) copied inter-communication memo from producer Robert Sallin to crew with (1) Xeroxed copy of an illustration showing a “Ceti Eel” dropping out of “Chekov’s” ear, and, (2) polaroid photos of the practical “Ceti Eel” embedded in a latex ear. All materials in production-used, good condition. From the collection of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan producer Robert Sallin who created the concept of the “Ceti Eel”, directed the creation of these sketches and ultimately chose the final version of the Eel that appears in the film. Accompanied with a signed LOA.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Matthew J.Yuricich - Star Trek Matte Artist

The Matte Shot Blog posted a great article on Matte painter Matthew Yuricich who is a legend in Hollywood.  The whole article is worth a read, but Yuricich's matte paintings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, are of course of special interest.

From Star Trek: The Motion Picture:

You can check out all of Matthew Yuricich's matte paintings for so many famous Sci Fi movies at:



Friday, February 21, 2014

Herman Zimmerman Tribute Video

Herman Zimmerman is a legend in Star Trek circles as the production designer throughout TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

He was recently honored at the Art Directors Guild Awards and you should watch this video if you are a Star Trek fan!

And it includes appearences by our friends Doug Drexler and Denise and Mike Okuda.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tribble For Sale at Propstore

The easiest iconic Star Trek prop to get is a screen used Tribble from the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations".  And Prop Store has one up now for $ 795.  A bit higher than I would pay for this, but not unreasonable.  I think this is a $ 5-600 prop because there are so damn many of them.  

I got mine directly from the set photographer who sold his with a nice Letter of Authenticity.  This one will come with a Prop Store COA.  I do not know the provenance of this item, but I suggest you call Prop Store if you are interested.  They are nice folk who will answer your questions.

You can find the item here.